User interest in Facebook Falls 87% In The Last 10 years

The study adds that, despite the name change to Meta, the network "is having trouble attracting users under the age of 30."

The interest of the average user in Facebook has plummeted by nearly 90% in the last ten years, according to a study carried out on the current popularity of the social network after its conversion in Meta.

The investigation carried out by the financial information medium specialized in cryptocurrencies Bankless Times highlights that the search volume for the term 'Facebook' has fallen by 87% in the last decade, according to data collected in Trends between January 2013 and January 2022.

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"The problem has been exacerbated by the loss of traction with young people despite the name change to Meta," he explains. In this sense, the study adds that Facebook "is having problems attracting users under 30 years of age."

The social network, which is used by nearly 2,000 million daily users, faces a problem that may "limit its future growth." The latest known data from Facebook shows a drop in the number of active users in the third quarter (to 1,930 million) and in the fourth quarter (1,929 million) of 2021.

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From Bankless Times they remember the words of the CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, who acknowledged in February that his company is losing users due to the success of TikTok. In this sense, Zuckerberg announced that his company was focusing on the short video format of reels to stand up to the social network of Chinese origin.


Apple is being another headache for Facebook, according to the study. Specifically, its 'app tracking transparency', a mechanism that forces the user to grant explicit permission for other apps to access the advertiser identifier, and which it introduced last year with iOS 14.5.

iPhone users "have refused to share this information en masse", which in turn has had an impact on companies that advertise on Facebook and, in fact, have changed it on many occasions to TikTok because "it is cheaper" to advertise on Facebook. her, according to Bankless Times. As a consequence of this, Facebook has lost 10,000 million dollars in advertising revenue, the study concludes.

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