Bill Gates Believes That This Will Be The Substitute For Mobile Phones

The North American tycoon defends that a kind of tattoos will replace mobile phones. It is a technology that he himself is financially supporting.

Bill Gates is known for many facets: software genius, economic investor, philanthropist... and now he is also a kind of prophet of new technologies. In fact, he has predicted a revolutionary new type of technology that he believes can replace smartphones.

Since the pandemic, he has become fond of making various predictions and now it is the turn of a kind of electronic tattoo developed by the Chaotic Moon company that is based on biotechnology to analyze and collect information from the human body through it. Initially this can only offer medical and sports information to prevent and control diseases.

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However, this could change over time until it becomes a very interesting technology that could replace smartphones sooner or later.

These tattoos are placed on the skin and with small sensors they send information and receive it through a special ink capable of conducting electricity. Gates wants this to evolve to the point where we can use it as a GPS or to communicate with people. Now, the thing does not indicate that it will be possible in the long term.

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