VAR Will Come To Formula 1

A system very similar to that of football will be applied to avoid injustices in the middle of the race. It will not be especially new, since Formula 1 already has a powerful camera and analysis system.

The 2021 Formula 1 season ended in a difficult way, to put it mildly, so the FIA ​​hopes that the technology will prevent a repeat. As part of a series of changes, Formula 1 is implementing a "virtual race control room", similar to the Video Assistance Referee (VAR) seen in football.

The "reinforcement" will be located outside the circuit and will use a real-time video system with the race director to enforce the rules using the "state of the art technological tools".

The First Sports Car 

The race director will also be cut off from direct radio communications to reduce pressure. It will still be possible to ask questions, but there will be a strict procedure for doing so.

The move follows the controversial finish of the December 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton was leading the race, with five drivers lapped tightly behind the safety car and preventing rival Max Verstappen from realistically challenging for Hamilton's position.

However, race director Michael Masi made the controversial decision to let the drivers behind drop by the safety car, making it easier for Verstappen to challenge Hamilton for the lead. With the help of fresh tyres, Verstappen passed Hamilton (who was using worn tyres) to win the race and, in turn, the Drivers' Championship.

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