Truth Social, Trump's Social Network, Starts With Problems

Although on paper it is already available, the creation of new accounts continues to cause problems.

The social network of the former US president, Donald Trump, has finally seen the light. He has done it, yes, in a limited way, at the moment only as an iPhone app that can be downloaded from the AppStore, and with numerous problems when registering new users.

Truth Social, which Trump promised to found as an alternative to Twitter after being kicked out of it, should have been launched weeks ago but has suffered numerous delays during its development.

Although on paper it is already available, the creation of new accounts continues to cause problems. The phone number verification service (which is required for registration) doesn't always send validation codes, for example, and many of the other steps in the registration process sometimes throw up error messages.

Truth Social Is Launched

From the company they explain that the problems are due to the high interest on the part of the users for the service, which has overwhelmed the servers, since it is a staggered launch that should end at the beginning of March. On the web, Truth Social assures that there will soon be a version available for Android as well, but unlike Facebook or Twitter, it will not have a web version at the moment.

The new social network has been undergoing tests in recent weeks, with some 500 registered users, most belonging to the circle close to the former US president. It bills itself as a network that "fosters open, free, and honest global conversation without discriminating against political ideology." The former Republican congressman from California Devin Nunes is, since last January, responsible for it.

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His future, in any case, is uncertain. Truth is primarily aimed at part of the right-wing or far-right American electorate who see Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms as censoring their views. Other social networks, such as Gettr or Parler, have tried to occupy the same space but their reception has been very cold. The activity is very low compared to the established social networks and they have been filled with automated accounts and spam. The main draw of Truth is that it is powered by Donald Trump himself, who right now has no official presence on any of the top-rated social networks.

The new network's problems, however, are not just technical. The company behind the application, Trump Media & Technology Group, is also facing an investigation by the North American Market Commission (known as the SEC, for its acronym in English) for the way in which it intends to go public, taking advantage of what is commonly known as a "blank check" company. It is an entity built for no specific purpose that goes public and then acquires another company, in this case Trump Media & Technology Group, in order to avoid the lengthy registration process.

Although the investigation may end up giving the green light to the purchase, the interest that the SEC has placed on the company has scared away many of the potential investors.

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