The United States Has Deployed Robot Dogs For Border Surveillance

The United States has begun deploying robot dogs to patrol its southwestern border, aiding human forces there and blocking attempts to cross the border into the United States.

Although these robot dogs have been developed by the US Directorate of Science and Technology for US Customs and Border Protection, they look exactly like the 'spot' robot dogs that are being tested in US police and cities today. Continued under other law enforcement agencies.

Science and Technology, in a recent press release, said that these robot dogs have been specially designed for surveillance in difficult and harsh environments.

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They are currently deployed with the US military, but after some time of training and further refinement, they will be able to fully automate border surveillance and will no longer need human guidance.

In addition to the four legs and strong body, these robot dogs also have a powerful camera mounted on their heads through which they keep a close eye on the surrounding environment and constantly send this news to their operator. They are not armed at all, but will soon be equipped with appropriate weapons to deter illegal crossings.

The US S&T Directorate says that as the project progresses, the capacity of these robot dogs will be steadily increased.

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