Instagram Introduces 'Like' In Stories

With the new update, the company tries to prevent the user's inbox from becoming saturated.

Instagram has introduced a change to stories where users can like content without sending a private message, thus avoiding cluttering the inbox.

The technology company has placed the heart-shaped button in the stories, which appears between the bar to write a message and the button that is shaped like a paper plane. With this addition, users can indicate that they liked the content.

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The peculiarity of this novelty is that it is an indication that no longer sends a direct message to the creator, but is shown in the view of the story, together with the image of the person who has marked it, visible only to those who have marked it. published the story.

It is a change aimed at "people being able to express more support, but also to clean up direct messages a bit", as the person in charge of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, explained in a video shared on the social network Twitter.

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