Getting A PS5 Is Still Almost Impossible

Distribution problems put the new machine behind the PS4 in sales.

This should have been the PS5 Christmas, the best quarter for Sony's new console, but logistics problems and a shortage of semiconductors have ruined the campaign. Sony, which has just published its financial results for the last three months, has sold only 3.9 million machines, very little for a time of year when video games often top gift lists.

It is not lack of interest. PS5s fly off the shelves as soon as they're available. Sony simply can't make enough of them. The company has already sold 17.3 million PS5 units since its premiere in November 2020. In the same period of time (the first 14 months of life), its younger sister, the PS4, had already reached 20 million sold units.

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The result has been a serious blow to the group's income but also an uncomfortable situation for the company. It is not known when the industry will recover from logistics problems that are cutting manufacturing capacity for processors and other semiconductors, but the company has warned that output will remain tight in the near term.

The company, consequently, has lowered sales projections again. It expected to close the fiscal year (which ends in March 2022) with 14.8 million units sold. The figure was already a reduction compared to the 17 million units that he initially contemplated, but now he believes that even that number is too optimistic and that the final figure will be around 11.5 million consoles.

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To alleviate the situation, the company will continue to manufacture the current PS4 for a longer time. This strategy makes sense because it helps launches planned for this year to be better received.

Players who want to play, for example, Horizon: Forbidden West (the sequel to the acclaimed Horizon: Zero Dawn scheduled for mid-February) and don't have a Playstation at home right now can do so on a PS4, although with lower graphic quality.

But the disadvantage is that it extends the intergenerational period in which game developers have to create titles thinking that many of the players will play them on a previous generation console and therefore without taking full advantage of the capabilities of the new machine.

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