Russia - Ukraine Conflict: Facebook, Twitter, Google And Other Companies Imposed Sanctions On Russia

After the February 24 invasion of Ukraine, the United States and the European Union began imposing sanctions on Russia, but now Internet technology companies have begun imposing sanctions on it.

According to the news agency Reuters, after the attacks on Ukraine, Facebook ended the monetization of Russian media and banned them from running any kind of advertisements.

Facebook also imposed a partial ban on several Russian state broadcasters from sharing content on its website. Under the new restrictions, Russian broadcasters and government agencies and individuals will not be able to share material related to violence and war. According to Facebook, the move was taken to prevent misinformation from reaching the public.

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Google, on the other hand, has said it has removed countless Russian videos from YouTube over the past few days that contained material related to violence and war. According to Google, they are working on a decision and plan to impose sanctions on the Russian media and individuals.

Twitter also imposed a partial ban on Russian media, government agencies and personalities after the attack on Ukraine. According to Russian television (RT), after the attacks on Ukraine, Twitter announced new policies and sanctions for Russia and banned advertising in both countries.

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According to Twitter, people in Ukraine and Russia will no longer be able to suggest tweets from people they may not have followed, nor are tweets related to war and violence being highlighted. According to Twitter, advertisements were also banned in both countries so that material related to violence and war could not be disseminated through advertisements in either country.

In another report, Reuters reported that the United States and the European Union had imposed a number of sanctions on Russia over its technology, including Russia's use of software, equipment, computers, security updates, leases and sensors. Such things cannot be provided. Under the new sanctions, Russia will also lose access to advanced technology and cybersecurity supplies, assistance and equipment for its military.

The report states that similar sanctions were imposed on Russia during the Cold War, which led to significant weaknesses in its military skills and espionage.

In addition, the United States and Europe have imposed various financial sanctions on Russia, while Russia is also likely to be subject to sanctions imposed by various online money laundering entities.

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