USB Cable With Power Meter Display

Although a little expensive, the small display on this USB cable keeps showing information about the speed and quality of charging.

For a long time no significant change was seen in the USB cable but now many companies have installed a small beautiful display which is a kind of power meter and shows the charging rate.

Some companies are currently developing USB cables with the best display and they cost up to 20 20. Due to their structure, they are attached to every charging device.

Although the displays of phones and tablets, etc., indicate how they are being charged, some drones and other devices only change the color of the LEDs to indicate that they are fully charged.

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Most USB cables can carry extra charge, which can quickly charge phones, laptops, tablets, small devices, drones, and other items. Some cables are protected from twisting and do not have a short circuit inside them. That means you can use it over and over again at a slightly higher cost.

But remember, this is not a data cable, it is designed for fast charging. It can barely transfer 480 megabytes per second, while a good cable can transfer data from 5 to 10 gigabytes per second.

Currently, three or four companies are developing USB cables, including Votobius, URVNS and Chapofi.

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