The World's First Car To Open And Run On Mobile

Chinese technology company Huawei has introduced a state-of-the-art vehicle that can be opened and operated with the help of a mobile phone. 

Technology Web site reported, according to Huawei from a MIT POF Five Smart car was introduced, which is designed with a whole new way. It is the world's first hybrid car to use Huawei's own operating system, the Harmony OS.

Yu Cheng Dong, chief executive officer of the Huawei Smart Vehicle Division, said that this is the first digital keyed vehicle to be introduced in the world, which also has Blue Tooth and FFC support.

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He said that the F5 car is unique and sophisticated in comparison to others because it will not need to be unlocked and started like a normal key, but all the work will be done with the help of a mobile with Harmony operating system.

In simple terms, a digital key can be defined in such a way that it does not require a regular metal key in the hand, but the password of the Harmony Vault in the mobile will actually be the key.

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The digital key can be used via Bluetooth and NFC, but the key will not work if the user's mobile is switched off.

The good news is that soon Huawei will be able to run on its new smartwatch.

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