Microsoft Has Stopped Making Xbox One Consoles

Microsoft has announced that it will be shutting down OneX series game consoles for the Xbox game console, saying it will focus on other consoles in the series. 

According to The Verge, Candy Walker, senior director of Microsoft Xbox console products, said: "We have stopped working on the Xbox One console since 2020 and no more consoles will be created after they are sold." Work will now begin on the Xbox Series X and Xbox S.

"We told the retailer two years ago that the Xbox One would no longer be available because the company was working on another model," Candy said.

The company's confirmation comes at a time when various companies are gearing up to introduce the latest technology in the gaming world.

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Sony is also developing a headset based on virtual reality, which they believe could revolutionize the gaming world by bringing the game closer to reality.

In addition, the PlayStation VR2 is working on a PlayStation with a 4,000 HDR display.

The game is equipped with sensors that can be used to control the game through the eyes, while other features, including vibration and 3D audio, have been added.

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