Do You Know The Best Secret Codes For Android Phones?

Nowadays everyone has a mobile phone but very few people know that by pressing a few specific buttons they can access the hidden functions of their mobile.

In this regard, iOS and Android have different codes, some work the same in both, while some are for specific models.

Here you can find the secret codes of such Android phones that can help you to use your phone in a better way.

Shut down the device

Sometimes it is not possible to log off the phone normally and that is why mobile companies, especially Samsung phones, have a secret feature.

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If the phone does not turn off the power button, it is possible that the device is infected with a virus or that the button is defective.

The code # 7594 # # * can be used to prevent this problem and yes restarting the phone is a cure for many phone software problems.

Reset the phone

Many times people forget the PIN code of the phone and factory reset is not possible. The factory reset can fix the phone if it is slow or it is necessary to do so before selling it. For this, help can be obtained by dialing 2767 3855.

Checking data and SMS usage

Details can be viewed on the mobile screen by dialing * 3282 # code to check data or SMS usage edge.

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Viewing IMEI Numbers

This code is known to almost everyone but those who are unaware can see the IMEI number of the device by doing * # 06 #.

View general phone details

The # # 4636 # # code can be used for Wi-Fi signals, battery usage and other details.

General test mode

General test mode can be used to know the different operations of the phone and # 0 # helps in this.

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Camera details

If you want to know about the camera, get help with code # # 34971539 # 9 # *.

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