Google Launches Trial Of Android Games On Windows Computers

Microsoft introduced the new Windows 11 operating system in October 2021 with the promise that it would also support Android apps.

This support is not currently available for desktop devices, but significant progress has been made. Google has now released the first beta version for users in certain countries, which requires signing up for Google Play Games.

After doing so, they will be able to play 12 Android games on their computer. The feature will first be available in Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea, where users will be able to play Asphalt 9, Garden Skips and other games.

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This will require at least Windows 10 (2004 version) or Windows 11 operating system, a computer with Octa Core CPU, moderately powerful GPU, 8 GB RAM and at least 20. GB storage will be required.

The Google Play Games menu will be very similar to the Google Play Store but will also have longer descriptions and different notifications.

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Users will also be able to get PlayPoint even if they are not playing the game on any Android phone.This beta version is expected to be introduced in other countries soon, which will include more games.

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