BMW will use Amazon Fire for its 8K rear displays.

The Amazon Fire Stick will only play 4K content, but the screen will be 8K. It is focused on the most luxurious clients of the company.

BMW is one of those brands that pampers drivers to the max, but now also wants to give rear-seat passengers a luxury treat.

Thus, they have presented a screen of a passenger option of 31 inches and based on Fire TV for cars. When you start the vehicle, the 32: 9 screen extends from the header, with 5G data and Bowers & Wilkins signature surround sound. 

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You'll even watch the solar shades close to prevent reflections, and hear an opening song by composer Hans Zimmer.

Content on Amazon's platform will be played in 4K, and few videos will make full use of the 32: 9 ultra-wide aspect ratio. 

However, you can tilt the screen for an ideal view, and two rear passengers can control the volume and the rest of the entertainment system.

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BMW did not say which vehicles would include the movie screen beyond "future" models. Pricing and availability were also not available, although you can assume this will be expensive. Not that price is necessarily a concern for the target audience.

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