An Operator Can Control 130 Drones

Raytheon, a US state-of-the-art weapon maker, has announced that it has developed a technology that can be used by only one operator to control 130 drones.

The technology was developed for the US Agency for International Development's (DARPA) offset program to control a large number of automated aircraft with the help of fewer troops on future battlefields and to inflict maximum damage on the enemy.

It should be noted that nowadays in various exhibitions hundreds of drones are provided for the entertainment of the viewers through simultaneous and harmonious flight, but this technology is far more than the entertainment of the people.

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Military experts predict that in the coming years, in addition to fighter jets, automatic planes and drones will also become a regular part of the forces, which will be controlled by remote operators.

That is, future wars will be fought not only between soldiers but also between drones and automatic planes.

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Raytheon's technology is a continuation of similar US efforts, with one operator demonstrating how to control 130 drones simultaneously. Artificial intelligence has been used to simultaneously control a large number of drones in a field called "Swaram Intelligence".

According to Raytheon, the technology uses simple sensors as well as low-powered microprocessors that make it low cost and easy.

Although Raytheon has demonstrated in recent experiments the simultaneous control of 130 drones flying in the air, in the future the same technology will be used to simultaneously control a large number of land-based automatic vehicles and automatic boats and submarines floating in the sea. Will be enabled.

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Another specialty of this technology is that even an ordinary soldier can master it with a little training. Will an operator be able to control a thousand drones in the coming years? In response to this question, Raytheon said that work is underway on this aspect and it will be made possible after some research.

Virtual Reality (VR) goggles will also be developed to better keep soldiers informed of the battlefield scene so that they can keep a close eye on their targets and inflict maximum damage on the enemy.

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