'Voice Message' In WhatsApp: Introducing The Feature Of Listening Before Sending

WhatsApp, owned by Meta Facebook and the world's largest instant messaging application, has introduced a feature to review voice messages before sending them.

According to an update released on the WhatsApp page , users will now be able to hear the voice message before sending it to someone else, and if there is an error or they do not want to send it, they will have the option to delete it.

To use this feature, users will have to record voice messages in their mobile in the old fashioned way, however, they will have to swipe upwards when they hold the speaker.

When recording voice, after swiping the speaker upwards, the recording of the message will be done separately and after recording, the option to listen to the said message will also be available to the sender.

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After listening to the voice message, the user can send it if he wants or delete it if he wants.

Previously, users did not have the feature to listen before sending a voice message and people would delete it after the voice message was sent, which would allow the recipient of the message to guess that any message sent to them was deleted. Is.

However, with the new feature, the other person will not receive any message from which they can guess that something sent to them has been deleted.

In addition, WhatsApp, is busy working on a feature, text message, which will be heard in the audio.

That is, under the aforementioned feature, everyone will have the option to listen to the text message in audio format instead of reading it and the feature will work under Artificial Intelligence (AR).

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The feature will be similar to 'Google Audio', as it will be able to listen to news and articles through Google Audio instead of reading them.

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