How Can I Avoid Spam?

The Internet can be used ethically or unethically. We can hardly avoid spam if we do not know how to recognize it.

Like all tools created throughout human history, the internet can be used with or without ethical criteria. And spam, present in the digital life of practically all users, is undoubtedly an unethical use of the network.

After all, and as they point out from the web portal of the computer security applications company Avast, spam" is never requested, it is annoying and is sent to many people" who have not provided explicit consent for the use of some of your personal data such as email. It is important to learn how to prevent it.

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However, we can hardly avoid spam if we do not know how to recognize it. And, although many Internet users associate the term spam with sending spam, the reality is that there is a wide range of types of spam. In addition to the aforementioned, and always according to Avast, there are SEO spam, social media spam, mobile spam, and messaging spam. Since spam is sent to hundreds and hundreds of people at the same time, it tends to adopt generic or supposedly personalized messages that, with a little attention, we will be able to identify. That is essential.

In fact, and as the professionals at Karspersky, a renowned computer antivirus brand point out, "you have to be suspicious of all those emails from friends that look like requests or contain links and invite you to click." 

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In addition, it is essential to follow a basic rule before any communication that is in the form of spam or you are not completely sure that it is not: never respond. Take a good look at the email address and don't be fooled by the subject or the message. Scammers sometimes use techniques to make their link landing pages appear legitimate.

On the other hand, prevention is not a merely individual job. In reality, the spam report helps many other people not to fall victim to the trap and, at the same time, the third party report saves you from having to expose yourself to many of those unwanted communications.

In this sense, Karspersky advises the use of "spam reporting tools on social networks to help them eradicate these platform abusers." It is a collective task. The same is true on platforms like Gmail: your spam marks allow the platform to better understand spam.

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But the recommendations of the Russian company do not end there. Its experts believe that the use of anti spam plugins and system updates are also essential to get rid of these messages. The former because "they can mask your email address from potential spammers, block spam ads and reduce or eliminate the cookies you leave when browsing the web."

The second because that way we enjoy "the latest security patches" on each platform. However, beyond the self-defense of digital platforms, it is advisable to have a quality antivirus for the final protection.

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