Google Smartwatch "Rohan": Google Ready To Launch Its First Smartwatch

Google has been developing smartphones under the name of Pixel for a long time but now the company is about to introduce its first smart watch.

This is according to a report by Business Insider about Google's first Pixel Android smartwatch. According to the report, the code name of Pixel Watch is Rohan.

The design of the Pixel Watch suggests that it will have a round dial display without a bezel, while the smartwatch will also track heart rate and number of steps.

Rumors about Google Pixel Watch have been circulating for a long time but so far the company has been providing only Android software to smart watch makers like Samsung, not working on hardware.

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The report states that Google's first smartwatch is expected to be introduced in 2022. It is also in line with the vision of Google's Pixel series of smartphones, to which the company has now added its own processor.

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The report further states that Pixel Watch will provide the best experience of Google's Ware OS. This smartwatch will be developed by Google's Pixel Hardware Group and will not be supported by FitBit.

It should be noted that the fit butt smart tracker company Google had bought some time ago. Google's smartwatch is primarily intended to compete with the Apple Watch.

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