The Mystery Of The Huge Black Hole In The Middle Of The Pacific Is Solved

A user posted a photo on Google Maps that said there was a black hole in the ocean. The mystery has already been solved, it is not a black hole, but a small island.

Yes, we already know, the cover image looks like a deep hole in the middle of the Pacific Ocean , but the reality (this time) is less surprising. During the last week, social networks have been on fire because a user shared a photograph captured on Google Maps where a black hole could be seen in the middle of the ocean.

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As is normal, there were many theories apart from the one reported by the user. An underground volcano? And even a secret island that would host a military base. Neither one thing nor the other, it is a small island full of vegetation.

This information has been published by the British media BBC. The specific island is called Vostok and belongs to the Republic of Kiribat. 

It is only 1.5 meters long and has that particular triangular shape. Likewise, the island rises just under 5 meters above sea level.

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What was believed to be a black hole is actually large areas of vegetation. Trees that have grown very close together, therefore it is not "black" what we see, but "dark green" that can be seen from above of the aforementioned color. 

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