SpaceX's Crew-3 Spacecraft Already Has A New Launch Date

It would thus culminate with 10 days of delays. The company continues its efforts to send a new private module to space.

SpaceX and its partners are still struggling to get Crew-3 into orbit. NASA has delayed the launch of the mission once again, until November 10 at 9:03 pm ET, which in our time would be 3:03 am. They moved the takeoff date after deciding to return Crew-2 (which was delayed until Nov. 8) first and avoiding "climatic considerations" affecting the launch and recovery of the modules, according to the European Space Agency. SpaceX noted that there was an 80 percent chance of favorable weather for the new date.

Crew-3 should dock with the International Space Station at approximately 1:10 am in our time slot on November 11. The release was originally scheduled for Halloween, but was delayed until November 3 due to adverse weather effects. NASA postponed the launch again, aiming for a late November 6 launch , after a crew member suffered a "minor medical problem."

Delays are common on space flights, including Crew Dragon flights, but the Crew-3 mission has suffered more unforeseen events than might be expected due to these busy weeks of setbacks. While SpaceX, and its allied agencies, don't have much of a choice in this regard, this is not what they would want to do as they try to make privately operated space flights more routine.

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