Self-Service Repair: Apple Users Will Soon Be Able To Repair Their Device Themselves

Until now, only certified Apple workshops were allowed to use original spare parts. Now these as well as special tools and instructions are to be made available to everyone.

Apple has responded to the call for the "right to repair" and wants to make original spare parts available to all consumers in the future. The group wants tosellspare parts and tools for some iPhones and Mac computers online and in stores so that users can carry out minor repairs themselves.

According to the company, the focus will initially be on components such as the display, battery or camera of the iPhone 12 and 13 ; later, other parts, for example for Mac computers, could also be obtained. These should be able to be ordered via an Apple online shop. In addition, special tools and repair instructions that were previously reserved for licensed workshops are to be offered.

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Previously, only the approximately 5,000 authorized service providers and 2,800 independent repair providers had access to original parts. The new self-service repair option should initially be offered in the United States and then in other countries in the course of the coming year, Apple announced. An exact start date for Europe was not given.

Consumer advocates called for a "right to repair"

On the one hand, Apple is responding to customer requests and recurring demands from consumer advocates. Politicians also criticized Apple's repair system. In some US states, including Apple's home country California, a "right to repair" including access to original spare parts has been demanded. A year ago, the European Parliament also spoke out in favor of it, also with the aim of extending the usage times of smartphones.

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"We are now offering an option for those who want to do their own repairs," said Apple's chief operating officer, Jeff Williams. Self-service repairs are aimed "at technology-savvy people who have the knowledge and experience to repair electronic devices".

For the vast majority of customers, however, a visit to a professional service provider with certified technicians who use original Apple parts is the safest and most reliable way to carry out a repair.

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