Netflix Tests A Version Very Similar To TikTok For Its Children's Series

This week, Netflix's iOS app is starting a test of a new children's feed that is designed to show short clips taken from its library of children's content . The "Kids Clips" feature uses an interface similar to TikTok or Instagram Reels but trying to display kid-friendly content. While competing services are primarily made to be viewed vertically, Kids Clips videos are designed to be viewed horizontally.

Kids Clips joins a similar feature Netflix launched to promote its humorous content earlier this year called "Fast Laughs." Both functions have a similar goal: to promote Netflix content through short clips similar to what users are already watching on social media.

Netflix has cited TikTok as a major competitor in previous earnings reports, suggesting that these features are meant to steal time from the service by targeting shorter-form content.

However, while competing social networks are criticized for consuming hours of users' time, Kids Clips limits the number of clips that users can view in a single session from 10 to 20 clips.

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