'Israel Involved In Cyber Attacks On Middle East'

The cybersecurity firm eSat said in a statement that the technology used by Israeli spyware company Candero was used in a cyber-attack campaign to hack high-profile Middle Eastern websites.

Dawn newspaper report said the investigating officer Matthew files reset "We think that user ualykandyru to attack.

The e-set, without naming the user, pointed out that researchers at the University of Toronto believe that Saudi Arabia used a similar technique in June.

Tel Aviv-based company Candero sells attractive spy software to governments.

The company was blacklisted by the United States earlier this month.

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The eSat revealed that the software used "waterhole" attacks, which published malicious code on legal websites and targeted people to visit their websites.

The computers of the people who visit their websites get infected, their main purpose is to spy on them or harm them in other ways.

The e-set said the websites targeted in the campaign included the UK news site, the Middle East Eye, as well as Yemeni media outlets such as Al-Masira, which are affiliated with the Houthi rebels and the Saudis. Fighting against the Arabs.

According to E-Set, the other target of the hackers is a website called 'The SaudiReality.com', an anti-journalism organization in Saudi Arabia.

The website also targeted Internet service providers in Yemen and Syria, along with the Iranian Foreign Ministry, the Syrian Ministry of Energy, the Yemeni Ministry of Interior and Finance.

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Other victims of the site include the Iranian-backed group Hezbollah, the Italian company Piaggio Aerospace and Daniel, South Africa's state-run aerospace and military technology company.

The e-set pointed out in a statement that "the attacker also created a website that mimics the medical trade in Germany."

He added that his incursions took place between July 2020 and August this year.

Candero has been compared to another Israeli company that has been embroiled in allegations this year that the government is using Pegasus technology against right-wing leaders, politicians, journalists and businessmen.

The United States blacklisted the company earlier this month, banning its exports.

Matthew Fao said Condiro's campaign was not aimed at collecting data on all individuals, but specifically targeted "very, very short" individuals.

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