1Password 8 Finally Comes To Windows

The latest major update to 1Password is officially available for Windows 11. The version, called 1Password 8, features a completely new design and new productivity and security capabilities. 

The company's chief experience officer, Matt Davey, said that 1Password created an entirely new design language called Knox for the project to help ensure consistency across devices.

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The new version was built to be faster than its predecessor, with a feature called Quick Access that provides a way to find and use saved credentials even when the 1Password app is not open . There's also a new Item Catalog feature that guides you through the process of viewing or adding items, and smart suggestions that recommend matches as soon as you enter your search term.

On security issues, 1Password 8 comes with a new Dashboard that helps us identify weak or compromised passwords and inactive two-factor logins. All in favor of the security of our device.

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