WhatsApp | Good News For Those Interested In Installing WhatsApp Statuses

The globally popular messaging app WhatsApp has introduced a new feature 'UNDO' as a status update.

According to media reports, the new feature of WhatsApp has been introduced through the UNDO Google Play Beta program.

The feature UNDO will make it even easier for any WhatsApp user to delete WhatsApp statuses.

Earlier, WhatsApp users could delete statuses through the status delete option, but now this new feature will make it even easier to delete statuses.

Deleting WhatsApp status UNDO and users will now have to go through the deletion process, after which the user will be notified by WhatsApp when the update is complete.

Currently this feature has been introduced for the beta program, it is said that many more features including the feature under consideration will be introduced by WhatsApp soon.

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