Twitter Tests Bigger Pictures In Timeline | Warnings On Overheated Conversation Threads

The blue bird social network works to make its platform healthier. Thus, threads that are slowly heating up will receive a warning to new twitter users who enter it.

Twitter is a veritable hotbed in which the most passionate discussions can get out of tune very easily. It is a place of debate, and political debates can always be very heated . Today, the company said it is testing a "Heads Up" feature on iOS and Android that will serve as a more useful pop-up warning system when dialogue threads get hot.

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In addition to the intensity level warning, there is also a screen that highlights some golden rules of online conversations : "Remember that there is a person on the other side; focus on the facts; and consider the value of different opinions", that could help restore spirits in situations that have not yet been overdone.

The Heads Up feature is an attempt to empower users in the company. It's hard to avoid toxic conversations entirely, and this is one way to exclude yourself from a potentially contentious argument. Of course, this is not a replacement for tools that can really help people avoid bullying, like your new Safe Mode.

Twitter wants to create a safe place in its social network, but it is quite complicated since the focus of all the questions are related to the debate.

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