Hypersonic Missile Test | US 'Successful' Test Of Hypersonic Missile

The United States has said the navy and navy conducted three successful tests of hypersonic missiles.

According to a Reuters report, the Pentagon said that the US Navy and the US Army had tested the hypersonic with prototype weapons.

The statement said progress on the new weapons would be announced, but that three successful tests had been carried out.

The US Sandia National Laboratories, which manufactures hypersonic missiles, said in a statement that three rockets were designed and tested in one year.

The statement said Sandia Laboratories tested three rockets at NASA for the Department of Defense, including the Navy's Conventional Prompt Strike and the Army's Long Range Hypersonic Weapon Program, and is equipped with 23 state-of-the-art technologies.

The U.S. laboratory said this is the first test of hypersonic rockets for operational readiness funded by the Department of Defense.

Earlier, the United States had expressed surprise at reports of a hypersonic missile test by China. The Financial Times reported that the Chinese military launched a hypersonic rocket that orbited the world in a low orbit and fell 40 kilometers from its target.

The report, citing intelligence, said the test showed that China had made "amazing progress" in hypersonic weapons and was far more advanced than US officials had imagined.

The report added that the hypersonic missile was launched by a long march rocket and its test was kept secret.

China later denied reports of a hypersonic missile test, saying it had tested the spacecraft to test reusable technologies.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Xiao Lijian told reporters: "As far as I know, this was a test of a conventional spacecraft that tests reusable spacecraft technology."

He said the process would make it easier for humans to use space for peaceful human purposes.

Earlier, in a parade in 2019, China displayed modern weapons, including its hypersonic missile 'DF-17'.

It should be noted that hypersonic weapons are difficult to defend because they fly at low altitudes but can reach speeds up to five times the speed of sound or about 6,200 km per hour.

Russia successfully tested an intercontinental hypersonic missile in early 2018.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on the successful test of a hypersonic missile called the Avangard that "the hypersonic missile has made the defense system extraordinarily strong."

Earlier, in March 2017, Russia successfully tested the Kunzhal hypersonic missile, which is capable of traveling 10 times faster than the speed of sound.

North Korea claimed to have successfully tested a new hypersonic gliding missile in September this year.

According to state media reports, the nuclear-armed and state-of-the-art missile is a new development.

Korea's state news agency said the missile launch was of "great strategic importance" because North Korea wanted to "increase its defense capabilities" a thousandfold.

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