Google's Key Step In Securing Politicians' Accounts

Google has announced a free security KEY to secure the accounts of 10,000 prominent figures and politicians around the world.

According to a statement issued by Google, the security keys, which provide two-factor authentication to foolproof the security of Gmail and other Google products, provide such human rights activists and politicians Whose accounts are at risk of being hacked.

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Google says the move is aimed at promoting an 'advanced protection program' for high-profile users. Gmail has taken steps to tighten the security of its users after hackers issued a warning to target Gmail users.

Sean Huntley, director of Google's Threat Analysis Group, said the warning was issued last month to identify a campaign targeting the accounts of nearly 14,000 Gmail users from various walks of life around the world. Released later.

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Huntley added that the campaign belonged to the APT28 group of hackers from Russia, which is a phishing hacker (an email campaign aimed at misleading people to get their passwords). (Prompted), but we immediately blocked pro-government hackers from accessing their emails.

According to the announcement, Google is not only sending 41 worth of Titan security keys to its 10,000 key account holders free of charge, but is also automatically enrolling its 150 million users in the two-factor authentication system. Millions of creators will also need this system to log in.

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