'Five D Optical Storage' | 500 Terabytes Of Data In A Glass Plate As CD!

British experts have succeeded in storing unusually large amounts of data in a tiny piece of glass with the help of a laser.

With this method, also known as 'Five D Optical Storage', 500 terabytes of data can be stored in a glass plate as large as a normal CD.

It is said that data stored through 'Five D Optical Storage' can be stored for billions of years.

With this technology, layer by layer data is stored in a piece of transparent silica (glass) and thus a lot of data can be stored in a very small space.

This method of data storage is called 'Superman Memory Crystal' which has been given this name (Five D Optical Storage) for advertising purposes only which has nothing to do with reality.

FiveD optical storage technology has been in the works for the last thirty years but so far it has not been able to be used in the practical field as it is much slower than the prevailing data storage technologies.

Today, the speed of writing and reading data on a digital disk is around 500 megabytes per second, but until 2017, the speed of five-D optical storage was only 3 kilobytes per second, which is much lower than the current average.

In recent experiments, experts at the University of Southampton have achieved 230 kilobytes per second of data writing and reading through FiveD optical storage, which is 75 times faster than before but still not high enough for practical use. Because in the new experiments, it took several days to write 5 gigabytes of data in a square inch piece of transparent silica.

Despite all this, it is a major breakthrough in the field of five-dimensional optical storage, which could gradually turn hundreds of terabytes of commercial DVDs into reality.

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