The WhatsApp Vacation Mode Is Here

WhatApp has incorporated one of the most anticipated and demanded changes by users: the possibility of archiving chats and that they remain hidden until the user decides to unarchive them, regardless of whether they receive messages from that contact or not. An ideal function to be able to hide all your work-related WhatsApp chats and groups during the holidays or to hide your most intimate WhatsApp chats from prying eyes.

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WhatsApp has started rolling out the new settings for archived chats, a function that allows you to hide and silence conversations with a person or with a group from the main list.

The company has introduced a new section, the WhatsApp 'Archived' folder, on the Chats page, where you can save conversations you don't want to have on the main list.

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With it, the user can prioritize conversations and avoid interruptions of those that are less important, since it also deactivates notifications, as explained on Twitter .

WhatsApp has explained that the chats archived by the user will be kept in this folder when they receive new messages, that is, they will not jump to the main chats list, an option available with the new settings that WhatsApp has introduced to accompany the function.

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In this way, archived chats will remain saved until the user decides to manually unarchive the conversation , and only then can they return to the main WhatsApp conversation list.

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