A Hacker Steals 600 Million From A Company ... And The Victim Offers Him An Employment Contract After His Big Coup

A hacker has carried out a daring coup thanks to which he has been able to steal 600 million euros in cryptocurrencies. The victim was the company Poly Network, a platform based on blockchain technology for the exchange of cryptocurrencies.

When the company realized that 600 million had been stolen from them, it decided to mark the transactions of the stolen cryptocurrencies so that it was almost impossible to convert this money into currency.

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After this maneuver by the company, in a strange script twist, the hacker decided to return most of the money he had stolen to Poly Network, but not the full amount.

However, the story gets even stranger. As announced by the Poly Network itself on its blog , the company explained that they have maintained direct daily contact with the hacker and that he has shown them his "concern" about "the security and deployment strategy of Poly Network."

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In addition to maintaining fluid communication with the person who robbed them, Poly Network has awarded a reward of $ 500,000 to the hacker for returning the money and for sharing the details of their modus operandi with the company.

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The company refers to the hacker as Mr White Hat (Mr. White Hat, in Spanish) a term in the field of computer security that refers to "ethical" hackers who hack computer systems of organizations in order to inform them of their failures of security.

"Poly Network has no intention of holding Mr White Hat legally responsible for its actions and cordially invites you to become our chief security advisor. A $ 500,000 reward is on the way . We have no objection to what Mr White Hat does with the reward, "the company has assured from its Twitter account.

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A payment that has occurred before the hacker returns the entire amount to the company that stole. However, Poly Network explains this atypical behavior by ensuring that "they trust Mr White Hat to quickly return control of the assets to Poly Network and its users."

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