Donald Trump Stops Blog Project

The former US president wanted to build a platform for his supporters. But there wasn't more to read than press releases. Now the blog is closed.

Just a few weeks after starting his own blog - which was initiated as a stopgap after being blocked in other social media - ex-US President Donald Trump said goodbye to the project. The blog section on Trump's website entitled From the Desk of Donald J. Trump, which was launched in early May, is no longer accessible. 

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Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube had banned Trump from their pages in January shortly before the end of his term in office. The trigger was the storming of the US Capitol by Trump's supporters and the associated expressions of sympathy from the president, which he had spread via social media. In addition, Trump claimed for weeks without any evidence that his victory in the presidential election in November was stolen by fraud. Trump's Twitter account with more than 80 million subscribers had been by far his most important communication channel until then.

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Outwardly, Trump's blog was reminiscent of Twitter. Contrary to what was expected, only the ex-president's press releases were distributed under this tab. So it wasn't a separate online platform at all - which also earned him a lot of ridicule. The link to From the Desk of Donald J. Trump now leads to a page where users can sign up for email and SMS notifications from Trump.

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His colleague Jason Miller confirmed the closure of the blog on Twitter. At the end of March, he said that Trump would go back online with "his own platform" within three months. "Maybe this is a harbinger that he's joining another online platform?" Tweeted a former Republican Party representative. "Yes, it really is. Stay tuned," Miller replied, without giving any further details. For a long time, Trump has been fueling speculation that he could start his own online platform. So far, however, there has not been anything concrete.

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