You Can Now Hide The Likes Of Your Photos On Instagram And Facebook

You Can Now Hide The Likes Of Your Photos On Instagram And Facebook

You Can Now Hide The Likes Of Your Photos On Instagram And Facebook , Hiding the 'likes' on Facebook and Instagram can be a way to fight against harassment or to clean up the consumption of content on social networks, according to the platforms themselves.

If you are one of those who get self-conscious because the photos posted on Instagram do not generate the expected attention, you are in luck. From now on, Facebook will allow users of this social network to hide the number of "likes" their photos receive.

This function has been in testing since the beginning of 2019 in some territories, but it will be finally implemented now that the pandemic is beginning to be under control and that in many countries something similar to normality is beginning to recover.

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According to Facebook , the measure seeks to curb the anxiety or shame that some users may feel if their contributions do not receive enough appreciation, especially in the case of influencers and other profiles whose public image is developed thanks to this type of social media. By default, Instagram will continue to show the number of likes that each publication receives, but it can be deactivated voluntarily .

This control will also be granular, allowing you to hide the "likes" only of certain photos and not those of all published images.

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The decision will not only affect Instagram users. Facebook users can also hide these numbers in the "posts" they make on the social network.

In addition to hiding these figures in the own content that each one uploads, it is also possible to hide the counter for the number of "likes" in all third-party posts that the application shows, to avoid the temptation to compare the figures with those of other users.

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"What we heard after the first tests by users and experts was that not seeing these numbers was beneficial for some and annoying for others, particularly because some use these metrics to get an idea of  what is trending or popular," explains the company on its website. This is the reason why in the end Facebook has decided to implement it as a voluntary option for any user instead of making a final decision that affects everyone.

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The measure complements other filters and controls on Facebook that will now allow limiting who can view or comment on shared photos and articles, or block news from certain media.

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