WhatsApp || Lets You Increase The Playback Speed Of Audios And Voice Notes: This Is How You Can Activate It

The Playback Speed Of Audios And Voice Notes

The Playback Speed Of Audios And Voice Notes , We all have a friend who talks a lot and sends WhatsApp audios that are endless . Messages that, more than a voice note, seem like a podcast because of their length. However, WhatsApp has incorporated a new function that allows you to play any audio, at a speed higher than the original.

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This trick works both with the WhatsApp audios that we have sent and with those that we have received.


In both cases, we can select three different playback speeds for WhatsApp audios: x1 (normal speed), x1.5 (increased speed), x2 (twice the original speed).

In any case, to increase the playback speed of WhatsApp audios we must press play as we would in normal audio.

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From that moment, the profile photo of our interlocutor that appears in said audio message will be replaced by a number (x1, x1.5 or x2) that will allow us to know the playback speed at which we are listening to the Audio . If we want to change it, we only need to click on that number and we can select a different speed.

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However, changing the playback speed of WhatsApp voice notes also has a trade-off. In this case, it is that we will hear our interlocutor distorted because of the speed change.

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