WhatsApp Backs Down And Won't Punish Those Who Reject Its Privacy Policies

WhatsApp has been complicated for a few months because of its changes in its privacy policies , which are the logical consequence of having been bought by Facebook so many years ago and of needing to make the most popular messaging app in the world profitable.

After several turns and retracting on two different occasions, the company has completely stopped the 'punishments' prepared for those who will not accept the new conditions of use. The company has indicated in its Help Center that " no user's account will be deleted or access to WhatsApp functions will be removed on May 15 due to this update", in which the changes in the conditions have been included from service.

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For an application to update its terms of use is nothing extraordinary and happens often, whatever service you use. The problem is in the way they have tried to do it, because not only are changes in user protection that seem to go against European regulations (hence, for now, the members of the European Union do not affect us) but WhatsApp also gave an ultimatum to his users: either accept them, or say goodbye to WhatsApp.

As expected, the users of the messaging app were not amused by this and, between the exodus that there has been to the competition and the noise that the policy changes have made, WhatsApp has been giving way and giving more until reaching the point where we are now: if you reject the new WhatsApp measures, nothing will happen to you.

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This is great news as it is possible to continue using a fundamental app for millions and millions around the world without running the risk of being more involved in the Facebook advertising ecosystem. In return, there will be a small price to pay: having to reject the privacy policy often, as WhatsApp will continue to insist that you accept it.

At the very least, it is a more affordable price than the alternative that Facebook and Instagram handle for iPhone users. Both apps have subtly threatened users who reject ad tracking - one of the big privacy measures pushed by Apple recently - with having to pay to use social media.

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The ad tracking is one of the most pressing issues of the technological world at the time. For years, companies of all kinds have 'spied' on their users in their digital consumption beyond the use that they made of the app of these companies. If you visited Facebook and then continued looking at things on the Internet, Facebook knew exactly what you had been seeing. By limiting access to this information, as Apple is doing in its new operating system or Microsoft with its Edge browser, these companies have raised a cry for how it will affect their business.

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