Paid Facebook And Instagram? This Is How They Let It Glimpse As A Result Of Their War With Apple

Apple and Facebook are at war and it seems that the iPhone user could pay the price first. Or rather, people who use Facebook services for free in exchange for data being collected about them to sell them targeted advertising. Something that Apple does not like very much.

But what if you can't collect that data as happily as it has been up to now because suddenly you have to ask for permission to do so and users don't like that so much? Well, at that point it seems that we are going to get there and the solution for Facebook seems clear: that the service stops being free.

Facebook and Instagram have begun to send a notification to their users coinciding with the arrival of the new privacy options of iOS 14.5 in which they ask them not to deactivate the tracking of their activity in third-party services for advertising purposes, under the pretext of maintaining free services.

Apple released last week the new version of its iOS 14.5 operating system, with a new privacy policy and the requirement that applications must request the user's explicit permission to track it for commercial purposes , measures that will affect the mobile advertising business of Facebook.

The US company has explained through a statement that it will show its users an " educational screen " in which it will give its own version with more context on advertising tracking to Facebook and Instagram users.

As part of this notification, before users can accept the restrictions allowed by iOS 14.5, Instagram will require users not to deactivate this advertising function in order to "keep Instagram free".

The company also provides more details to explain its ad personalization system, and explains that it uses user activity tracking data to provide personalized ads and that it limits the use of activity from other services if the user chooses to disable it in the settings.

The notification from Facebook and Instagram also reports that the changes are due to privacy updates introduced by Apple in iOS 14.5, and that personalized ads help small businesses .

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