Added 2 features in Tik Tok to protect users from online abuse

TikTok has introduced 2 new features to protect its users from online abuse and harassment .

One of these features is designed to prevent you from posting inappropriate comments, while the other feature helps control comments.

Under this feature, when a user starts commenting inappropriately or harshly on a post, a pop-up window will open in front of him and he will be warned about the language of the comment.

A warning in this feature called In Kind will appear when the system feels that the comment is in violation of community guidelines.

This popup window says, "Would you like to review this post?" With the Edit or Post Anyway options.

Such a feature has become part of social networks to prevent incidents of abuse and harassment.

A similar feature was introduced on Instagram in 2019, while Twitter announced its trial last year, and the same is being done on Facebook.

Instagram quoted the results of the feature as saying that it encourages people to reconsider their words.

The second feature is the All Comments filter, which will allow users to see the same comments on the feed that they approve.

This feature can be enabled by going to the Comments Filters menu and after being enabled, the user will be able to read and approve the comments.

TikTok has also announced a partnership with the Cyber Billing Research Center to do more to prevent online offensive content.

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