Big Change In WhatsApp Chat Window After A Long Time

WhatsApp is the world's most popular messaging application with over 2 billion monthly users.

The app, which is owned by Facebook for users, is constantly coming up with new features, which are available to beta testers before reaching the general users.

Now WhatsApp has decided to make a big change in the chat window after a long time.

WhatsApp update monitoring website WABetaInfo discovered this change in the new beta version of the Android version.

This feature is currently undergoing testing and will probably be available to all users soon.

This new feature appeared in the beta version of Android.

This feature redesigns the way media is sent in the chat window, the section where you upload a photo or video for a message.

The report also shared a screenshot of the difference between the new and old user interfaces.

In this screenshot you can see how much difference there is between the two and the plus icon on the left will replace the image icon while the light gray background will be prominent in the chat tab.

The report also cites another new feature of WhatsApp, the Red Letter, which is now being called Archived Chats.

If your chat is moved to the archive, it reappears on the main window when a new message arrives.

Under this new feature, when a chat is moved to an archive, it will remain in the chat archive even when new messages arrive.

It is difficult to say when this feature will be available.

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