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Sound-controlled coolers have just become a reality, however the notable organization LG has given it another look. The South Korean organization has presented its 2021 arrangement of InstaView fridges in which the cooler entryway can be opened with sound. This will be useful when you as of now have the hardware close by and don't have to contact the fridge entryway to keep away from germs during a scourge. Other customary voice highlights will likewise be important for the cooler. That implies you can check the water and coolers by voice or get some information about the day's timetable. The new models likewise add bright based sterilization to water gadget taps to get individuals far from germs. The fridge has a 23% bigger glass board as the name infers. The organization has not yet reported the cost or accessibility date for the cooler. Subtleties are probably going to be delivered in January at an innovation presentation called Scheduled CES in Las Vegas.

In Norway, electric car sales rose from 42.4% in 2019 to 54.3% in 2020, a world record. Norway is among the countries that are committed to getting rid of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2025. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals in Europe. According to a report, Norway is the first country in the world where electric cars account for 54% of car sales.
China, with about 80 percent share in the global market for commercial drones (UAVs or unmanned aerial vehicles), said in a recent report that the German drone research company German Drone Industry Insights Top of the list worldwide. The civilian drone industry in China has grown rapidly in recent years, reaching about 80% of the global market. Another similar report by Mordor Intelligence last year, stating that China accounted for more than 70% of the global commercial drones market, said that as of 2013, there were 130 drone manufacturers in China, up nine times from 2019. With an increase of more than 1,200. In the global market for commercial UAVs (commercial and civilian aircraft), China's DJI Innovation Technology Co., Ltd., in particular, is considered to be the largest company in the world. Drones alone have a 70% share of the market. According to the UAV Market Report 2020-2025, released by Drone Industry Insights, the total volume of the global UAV, the drone market, in 2019 was about $18 billion. This volume is expected to steadily increase to .8 42.8 billion by 2025, more than double that amount. Bai Ming, deputy director of the International Market Research Institute at the Chinese Academy of Commerce, believes the drone industry could become a new economic growth industry in China.

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