Self-Heating Lunch Box

Now move around with the stove and microwave in the lunch box, the invention called the heat box is charged with USB and the food inside is heated immediately to make it edible.

In today's fast-paced world, it is not possible to eat hot food everywhere because there is no microwave wool or electric facility everywhere in travel, so a heatbox has been developed that heats the food inside with steam. This way you can eat hot and delicious food at any time.

A Dutch engineer has created a lunch box to keep food warm which you can take anywhere after charging. All you have to do before eating is to switch on, after which the steam inside heats the food well.

All you have to do is pour in 20 ml of water which goes into the steel pot inside. The food can be sealed by placing a lid on it and thus the hot steam passes through every part of the food and heats it instantly.

Whenever you feel like eating hot food, open the top lid and take off the inner layer and press the outer button which will heat the metal material inside the steel and open the water with it and start circulating inside. The internal valves in the lunch box maintain the vapor pressure and thus the pressure inside the vessel does not rise alarmingly.

This way you can keep the temperature of lunch packs low, medium and high through the app. This lunch box stove is priced at $150.

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