China Bans 105 Applications, Including US App

According to British media, most of the applications that China has banned include Chinese applications, while the apps that have been shut down include the US application Trip Advisor.

British media say China has banned the applications in an effort to curb pornography, prostitution and violence.

The Chinese Cyberspace Administration says all of these applications violate one of three cyber laws.

The recent crackdown on applications involves mostly local apps, and officials say the ban on applications was imposed after the public called them objectionable.

However, it was not immediately clear why China banned the US Trip Advisor application, although China has not issued a statement.

British media say China has banned the US app at a time when a US court has rejected the government's decision to shut down the Chinese app TikTok.

A U.S. court has ruled that President Trump violated his authority by trying to block a Chinese application for security reasons.

Cyberspace tensions between the United States and China have risen in recent months.

It should be noted that China has recently successfully sent its mission to the moon and China has become the second country to fly the flag on the moon after the United States.

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