This Year's Big Feature Of WhatsApp Has Finally Been Introduced

WhatsApp this week introduced a feature for users to clean up headaches.

But now the company has introduced a major feature this year that has been in the works for a long time and it is being introduced for the first time in the world's most popular messaging application.

This feature is similar to the feature in SnapChat which was later copied by Instagram. In WhatsApp also, under this feature, messages will disappear at a certain time.

Needless to say, WhatsApp messages are always on the phone at the moment (unless they're cleaned up on their own), which is a good way to keep track of loved ones, but most of the content needs to be kept. Does not happen

That's why WhatsApp has introduced this new feature called De-appearing Messages.

When this feature is turned on, new messages in a chat will automatically disappear after 7 days.

According to the company, this will make the conversation feel more private, especially in individual chats, in groups this control will be with the admin.

Messages with this feature in SnapChat and other apps disappear instantly once they're viewed.

But WhatsApp is the first application to be given a full week.

However, the Facebook-owned company said it would keep an eye on the feature and that the duration would be adjusted gradually.

This feature can only be used when it is turned on in Settings and does not apply to past messages.

For this purpose, open the WhatsApp and hold down the contact name, then there is the option of de-appearing messages, where it can be turned on.

According to a WhatsApp spokesperson, we started 7 days ago because we think it will give people time to adjust to the idea that messages are no longer permanent.

Not only text messages but also photos and videos will disappear after 7 days in this feature, it will be with the sender and recipient, however it will be possible to copy screenshots or messages

The company says that the feature has been launched since November 5 and will be available to all users this month.

When it first appeared in the beta version last year, it was only available in group chat and the message would be deleted after 5 seconds or an hour.

Telegram has already introduced this feature in its app and now Facebook is going to introduce it in its most popular messaging app.

Messages sent through such a feature in Telegram cannot be forwarded or screenshoted by other users.

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