M1 || Apple Has Introduced Its Own High-Speed Processor In The New MacBook

Apple has for the first time installed a self-designed and manufactured microprocessor in its new MacBook laptop. Called the M1, the processor can process up to 11 trillion operations per second. Its computational power is equal to 16 billion transistors. That's three and a half times faster than the previous MacBook.

The virtual event One More Thing claims that the capacity of the new MacBook Air will now be double that of any commercial PC around the world. It is also the fastest MacBook in Apple's history with unified memory architecture, integrated GPU, neural engine and other great features.

It should be noted that all these features have been introduced in MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and MacMini and it will go on sale next week. The other important thing is that its battery is much higher than any MacBook and it can watch videos for up to 18 hours. On the other hand, the wireless web browsing limit has also been increased to 15 hours.

Many changes have been made to the new MacBook in the wake of the Corona epidemic, as people work ten hours a day online and engage in lengthy video conferencing. Starting with 16 GB of memory, the book has a hard disk of up to two terabytes.

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