"Kama-1" Russia's First Electric Car Will Be Available In The Market In 2021

According to the details, the tests of the first large-scale electric car manufactured in Russia will be completed next month , while the car will be available for sale in 2021.

The Kama One (Kama-1) electric car will cost about one million rubles ($13,000), developed by the National Technological Initiative at St. Petersburg Polytechnic University.

In July this year, the Russian government announced a 25% discount on the purchase of locally made electric vehicles, so that the price of the Kama One would be reduced by a quarter, with additional payments being made. The buyer can also buy a car with modern driver assistance system.

This electric car is capable of running more than 250 kilometers on a single charge, while a 20-minute charge can charge the battery to 70 to 80 percent, and the car can fit a variety of batteries. ۔

According to reports, this Russian-made electric vehicle is capable of operating at extremely low temperatures, ie even minus 50 degrees.

The designers of the electric car say that about 20,000 units of this car will be sold annually.

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