Google Messages Is Better Than Ever

WhatsApp, a Facebook-owned app worldwide, is used by more than 1.5 billion people a month to communicate with their loved ones because it is free to send messages and only requires internet.

But Google is working to make its text messaging app on Android phones look like Facebook's proprietary application to beat WhatsApp.

Google has now started testing the SMS Schedule feature in the Messages app, which will allow the user to send their message at the required time.

For this purpose, you have to draft a message and hold down the send button in a chat for a while.

Doing so will bring up 4 options, 3 of which will have a default time while the fourth will allow you to choose the date and time of your choice.

After doing so, a preview of the scheduled message will appear in the chat and the user will be able to change, send or delete the message immediately.

Now in Google Messages, the shortcut for sending MMS appears when you hold down the send button for a while.

Which is now being replaced with scheduled messages while the MMS option is being moved to the three dot menu.

This feature is currently being tested and it is difficult to say when it will be available to users.

Remember that Google introduced Android Messages in 2018 which aims to give users a chance to see an initial glimpse of RCS and use it in their phone instead of the standard SMS app.

SMS is a 160-character service that has existed for decades, but today's phones are more powerful and users demand more features, and that's what led to the success of WhatsApp and Messenger.

Now Google wants to beat them with this new service in which the user will get the services of Google's digital assistant along with other features.

Google Rich Communications Service (RCS) has been in operation since 2016, and Google has partnered with mobile operators and smartphone makers around the world, but access to consumers is still limited due to the cheapness of mobile operators. Couldn't.

RCS will replace the SMS or Short Message service in Android which has been around for over 25 years while users can use it to chat on Wi-Fi, send and receive high resolution photos and videos, red receipt, typing. Indicators will be able to use features like add or remove people in group chats and group chats.

RCS was first introduced by Google in the UK and France in 2019 and then in the US.

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