Tik Tok Banned In Pakistan

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has finally shut down the short video sharing application TikTok in the country for not removing inappropriate content.

According to a statement issued by PTA, Tik Tok failed to remove inappropriate and controversial content from the application within the given period, which is why Tik Tok is being shut down in the country.

According to the PTA, the Chinese application management was repeatedly instructed to remove controversial and inappropriate content, but the app management failed to do so.

According to the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority, Tik Tok was banned from October 9 due to non-removal of controversial and inappropriate content.

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It is to be noted that PTA has been issuing orders to the Tik Tok administration for the last few months to remove controversial and inappropriate content and on one occasion PTA had also shut down some apps.

The PTA had in July this year issued a "final warning" to the TikTok administration for inappropriate content. In addition, the PTA has issued notices to the app management several times in the past few months to remove pornographic videos.

Following the issuance of notices by the PTA, Tik Tok claimed that it had removed dozens of controversial videos from Pakistan while working with the government and content creators to produce ethical and good content.

In addition, a petition was also filed in the Lahore High Court by an ordinary citizen regarding the closure of Tik Tok.

The petition, filed in July this year, said more than 10 users of the application had died in the country.

It was also said that the video sharing application is becoming a means of spreading pornography for ratings and fame on social media.

The petition also mentions an incident in July in which a girl was gang-raped by a group of friends on Tik Tok. The petition called Tik Tok an obscene and anti-religious app.

Tik Tok has been banned in Pakistan at a time when it was banned in neighboring India a few weeks ago and is also facing severe sanctions in the United States.

The United States has also called Tik Tok a threat to national security and has threatened to sell its US assets to a US company or work with a US company in the US, otherwise Will be closed.

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