Nokia Ready To Launch 4G Network On The Moon

4G internet is not available to people in every corner of our planet, but it will soon be on the moon.

Yes, the US space agency NASA has decided to provide 4G internet for future astronauts to the moon.

For this purpose, NASA has commissioned Nokia to install 4G cellular network at a cost of ایک 14.1 million.

In total, NASA will sign $370 million worth of contracts aimed at advancing research and development for space exploration.

Nokia will first install 4G / LTE Net and will gradually upgrade to 5G.

According to NASA, this will be the first LTE / 4G system in Khakla.

The statement added: 

"This system will also help in communication, faster internet speeds and other purposes from a great distance to the surface of the moon."

Nokia's research arm Bell Labs shared more details in a Twitter message.

The company plans to provide wireless support for the operation and navigation of lunar vehicles from the network, while streaming video will also be possible.

This network will be designed to operate in very high temperatures, radiation and space environments.

NASA announced in a live broadcast that the network would help develop technology for the moon.

No details have been released as to when work on the project will begin or be completed, but it appears to be part of NASA's 2028 lunar base project.

And when that happens, astronauts walking on the moon will be able to post pictures and videos of it on Instagram.

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