Introducing The Feature Of Auto-Blocking Spam Calls In Samsung Phones

It will soon be easier for users of Samsung smartphones to avoid robo calls and other unwanted phone calls.

The company has entered into an agreement with a company called Haya to automatically block spam calls in Samsung phones through the Smart Call feature.

Haya is a spam and call detection company whose technology is being used by Samsung to identify spam and fraudulent calls in its phones.

But now with the service being further expanded, such calls will be automatically blocked on devices running on Samsung's OneUI 2.5 user interface.

This anti-spam call feature has been introduced in the first Galaxy Note 20 series phones and will soon be part of other new phones.

Samsung's contract with Haya will last until 2025.

By the way, this is a very unique idea. Earlier, Google had introduced a call screening feature in Pixel phones which prevents fraudulent calls.

But Samsung is the world's largest smartphone company whose smartphones are used by millions of people, for them this new feature will help protect against fraud and other spam calls.

While such spam calls are being dealt with in the United States and some countries, Samsung's new feature will be more effective in countries where no protection is available.

Samsung's new feature will soon be introduced in the Galaxy S20, S9 series, Galaxy Note 10 series and some A-series phones.

By the way, Haya's app also provides such protection, but you have to change the settings of the phones by installing it first, in Samsung phones it will work automatically.

Haya says its service currently operates in 40 countries on phones that meet all requirements and will soon add other countries to its services.

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