Apple Is Ready To Introduce Its Own Search Engine

Apple has begun work on developing its own search engine as an alternative to Google.

Keep in mind that Google pays Apple 10 to 12 billion a year to be the main search engine on Apple devices.

According to a report, however, the agreement is about to expire and will not be extended due to the US Justice Department's antitrust case against Google.

Apple has been working for a long time to distance itself from Google.

The company's Apple Boot first appeared in 2014 and gradually reached the web, while on the home screen head of iOS 14, Apple completely bypassed Google by direct linking to websites.

Apple hired John Giannandira, Google's head and head of artificial intelligence, about three years ago, who is now Apple's senior vice president of machine learning and AI Street.

But it is clear that the partnership between Apple and Google is now coming to an end, even though the revenue from Google is close to 20% of Apple's services sector.

Apple will emphasize consumer privacy in its search engine.

Some time ago, Apple CEO Tim Cook said in an open letter that our business model is very straightforward, we sell good products and never create advertising profiles based on email or web browsing habits. Do not sell

It is believed that Huawei had earlier introduced its own search engine, but this is due to the loss of access to Google services as a result of US sanctions.

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