WhatsApp Introduces New Search Feature To Find Out The Reality Of Viral Messages

WhatsApp has been criticized for spreading fake news since last year and the company has taken several steps in this regard.

WhatsApp has previously reduced the forward message limit to 5 to prevent fake news, introduced new administrative controls for the group and banned millions of spam accounts.

In April this year, a feature was introduced whereby if a user receives a very forwarded message, i.e. a message that has been forwarded more than 5 times, then under this new restriction the user can forward it only 5 times instead of 5 more chats. Will be able to forward a chat.

WhatsApp has now introduced a reverse search feature for text and images in messages, which also aims to prevent rumors and misinformation from spreading.

This feature will work on messages that are being forwarded too often so that the user can know if the information in the message is correct.

Most of these forwarded messages will be preceded by a magnifying glass sign, which when clicked will launch a web search to determine how accurate or incorrect these details are.

Note that the two forward arrows on the most forwarded messages and the forward forward label indicate that the sender did not write the message himself.

WhatsApp has an end-to-end encryption feature that prevents the company from reading users' messages.

So the user has to decide for himself whether a message is true or false and that is why this new feature has been introduced.

This feature is currently offered to all users in Brazil, Italy, Ireland, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States

The company has not yet announced its availability in other countries.

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